About Kadin Academy

Kadin means WOMAN in Turkish.

Currently, only 36% of Executives in Cannabis are women.  We intend to change that.  Our goal is to create women business leaders in cannabis and change those statistics to 50-60%.

Kadin Academy is Membership Association Women Entrepreneurs in Cannabis.  We are committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with a business education, resources and discounts and a community of peers.  


We are a team of high level, traditional business professionals with expertise in the cannabis industry.   

We support and inspire women entrepreneurs in cannabis by providing a platform that is built by women with them in mind.  We welcome men and women of all backgrounds who are dedicated to being business leaders and cannabis pioneers.

Kyra Reed: CEO/Founder

Kyra Reed is a social media industry veteran and founder of Markyr Digital and Markyr Cannabis.  She has spent over 15 years working with small businesses as a marketing consultant and educator.  Kyra is the Social Media Mentor at Kadin Academy.

Amanda Conley: Legal/Co Founder

Amanda R. Conley is a founding partner of Brand & Branch LLP, a boutique law firm based in the Bay Area.  Amanda helps cannabis industry businesses protect, enforce, and license their intellectual property and comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding the marketing and labeling of cannabis products.  She is the Legal Mentor for Kadin Academy.


Shabnam Malek: Legal/ Co Founder

Shabnam Malek is a partner at Brand & Branch LLP and President of the National Cannabis Bar Association. She advises clients on domestic and international trademark clearance, registration, and enforcement. Shabnam is the Legal Mentor at Kadin Academy. 


Gretel Tortolani: Finance & Accounting / Co Founder

Gretel is the CEO of MJCFO2go.  She has been a CFO, Corporate Controller, VP of Human Resources, and Manager for US & Hispanic Market Development. Gretel has spent most of her career following her passion of working with small business owners to help them realize their potential. Gretel is the Finance & Accounting Mentor for Kadin Academy


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