Kadin Academy is a Membership Program
for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out everything you KNOW
you need to know to launch a successful cannabusiness?
Developing a successful cannabis enterprise requires a powerful vision,
seamless execution, and being equipped with the proper knowledge to
avoid the serious challenges specific to the cannabis industry.  

Without professional guidance, the process can be daunting,
risky, and expensive.

With Kadin Academy, you'll get the help you need at a fraction of the cost.


If you want the guidance, mentorship and confidence to move forward
with your business without feeling overwhelmed and stuck,
this program is for you.

Kadin Academy is for the Cannabis entrepreneur. 
We teach  the core elements, necessary for success,
in both traditional and cannabis specific businesses.
We help all types of canna businesses: 
Dispensary Owners
Business Services
...and more!


   Gain confidence in your business

 Ensure your business is compliant

✔  Prepare your business to scale

✔   Stand out among the competition 

   Create raving and loyal customers

   Develop a public outreach strategy

   Take an active role in local regulations

   Maximize your profits


Kadin Academy is for action taking visionaries who will bring professionalism, creativity, and legitimacy to the cannabis space.


Kadin Academy currently offers two levels of
membership to meet the needs of the cannapreneur

Startup Basics - $20 month (1 year commitment)

    • Kadin Academy's “Business Startup Course” provides the foundation every new business needs to succeed.  Each video lesson is taught by an industry professional  and provides a corresponding exercises to help you apply what you learn to your business...right away!
    • Free Training videos:  30-40 minutes lessons on the tools you need for your business, taught by industry professionals
    • Product Demonstrations: Popular platforms, products and tools for business available for on demand viewing
    • Product Discounts on products for your business
    • Group Discounts on business products like health and property insurance
    • Free Webinars: 60 minutes educational webinars to teach you about the business of the cannabis industry

AVAILABLE IN 2018: Advanced Mentoring - $50 month(1 year commitment)

  • Everything in the Startup Basics
  • Weekly live mentoring group calls with industry professionals. You'll have the opportunity to talk to lawyers, accountants, marketers, etc. and get the help you need to make the right decisions to grow and protect your business.



No need for travel or to deal with scheduling
conflicts. You can access the content anytime,
anywhere, from any your computer, phone or tablet.  


If you're feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start,
our professional mentors are here to help.

Kadin Academy is taught by industry professionals who've
worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to build successful
and compliant businesses.

They’re available to you, to help you avoid the common
pitfalls and mistakes so common among new businesses.
They'll answer questions, provide advice, offer
encouragement and feedback.

Active Lesson Feedback

Each lesson enables you to leave comments, feedback and questions on what you’ve just learned.  Kadin Academy mentors monitor the comments in real time and will respond ASAP. We encourage you to take advantage of our experienced mentors knowledge! 

A like-minded Community

Our vibrant community is filled with positive members who share advice, experiences and powerful reassurance with one another.  Through comments and group calls you’ll be able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and build strong networks of support.

The Library

You’ll get access to all pre-recorded office calls during your course...and all future courses!  You’ll also receive all new content updates and records of student-mentor Q&A sessions. You will find expert, detailed answers to all kinds of questions here.

Customer Support

Kadin Academy’s number one priority is taking caring of our beloved students.  If you have technical issues, program questions, or simply need a little help...send us an email at [email protected]  We’ll get you the help you need as soon as possible!


A supportive community,
an education and a team of
professionals to guide you,
are the key ingredients for
a successful business.

In addition to all the
incredible educational
content and community of your
peers you have at your fingertips
with Kadin Academy,  you’ll also
have access to industry
professionals ready to help you
blast past your obstacles and
position you for success.


The Business Startup Curriculum has been developed for entrepreneurs at all levels of business experience.

Protecting your assets and being compliant with local and state regulations is the first critical step in building a successful and secure business.  

In this module you'll learn:
  • The basics of regulatory compliance with a focus on compliance related to marketing and branding
  • The types of intellectual property protection available for cannabis companies today
  • How to best position your company to take advantage of these protections
  • Basic regulatory compliance issues
(Due to the varied state legal requirements, we strongly recommend that you work with an
attorney who is well-versed in the local and state regulations in your jurisdiction as well.)


Organizing your financial information is vital to a healthy business.  It’s important to do it correctly from the very beginning in order to avoid costly mistakes and enable you to make informed business decisions. 

This module will teach you:

  • An accounting system to track revenue and expenses
  • How to create your Chart of Accounts 
  • How to review your financial statements
  • What/why you need to know about IRC 280E
Getting the word out about your business while navigating the complex legal web that comes with the industry is a great challenge to cannapreneurs.

In this module you'll learn:

  • How to identify the right prospects for your products
  • The best way to identify and reach your customers
  • Best practices for packaging, design and visual branding
  • How to use education to strengthen your brand and the cannabis industry as a whole

Social Media is not a gimmick.  No serious business can compete without a social media strategy in today’s marketplace.  This is especially true for cannabis brands. 

In this module you’ll:

  • Craft your unique brand message and personality
  • Learn how to get your audience to engage and participate with your brand
  • Develop an easy and effective content strategy
  • Have a social media strategy that is easy and fun to execute!


To stay ahead of the competition you need to know what public relations really is (and what it is not) and the numerous ways to use public relations to raise awareness of your company and your products.

In this module we’ll teach you how to:
  • Tell your story
  • Target the right publications
  • Pitch media, influencers and key bloggers.
  • Write a press release put it across the wire services
No cannabis entrepreneur is exempt from the impact of decades of prohibition, even in states that have moved from criminalization to regulation.  You need to know who your representatives are, how to reach them, and how to engage with your local business community.

This module will help you:

  • Discover how your own legal status affects your business
  • How to approach cannabis regulations 
  • Understand local and state political processes
  • How to conduct a face-to-face meeting with your elected representatives

We believe women will have higher rates of success in their businesses if they have access to mentors, a supportive group of peers and the education they need to make good business decisions.


Shabnam Malek
Brand & Branch

Shabnam Malek is a partner at Brand & Branch LLP and President of the National Cannabis Bar Association. She advises clients on domestic and international trademark clearance, registration, and enforcement.  In addition to trademark law, Shabnam practices promotions law, privacy law, and all things internet.

Amanda R. Conley
Brand & Branch

Amanda R. Conley is a founding partner of Brand & Branch LLP.  She helps cannabis industry businesses protect, enforce, and license their intellectual property and comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding the marketing and labeling of cannabis products.  Amanda and her law partner Shabnam Malek launched the Bay Area Chapter of Women Grow and the National Cannabis Board Association.

Gretel Tortolani

Gretel is the CEO of MJCFO2go.  Her background in finance has spanned a variety of industries and functions.  She has been a CFO, Corporate Controller, VP of Human Resources, and Manager for US & HIspanic Market Development.  She discovered her passion for small businesses while working with SAGE Software teaching small business owners how to better manage their accounting and finances.

Jamie Cooper
Canna Media Works

Jamie is the owner of  Canna Media Works, a marketing and consulting firm located in Grand Haven, Michigan. Jamie helps entrepreneurs build strong brands for their growing marijuana business. In 2016, Jamie was a Crystal Trichome Nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year, presented by Extreme CannQuest Conference and Expo. Jamie also helped launch the West Michigan Chapter of Women Grow.

Kyra Reed
Markyr Digital Cannabis

Kyra  is the CEO of Markyr Digital Cannabis is a social media industry veteran and a community-focused brand innovator. She was named a ‘Social Media Pioneer,’ by Entrepreneur Magazine. And her work in social media has been featured in The NY Times, TechCrunch, NPR and 20/20.  In 2016 she launched Markyr Cannabis a digital marketing and social media strategy agency and the first chapter of Women in Cannabis.

Heidi Groshelle
Ingrid Communications:

Heidi is the Co-founder of Ingrid Communications.  Over the past three decades, she has consulted with 200+ technology start-ups and growth stage companies from the US, Europe and Asia. Her cannabis clients appear in top-tier, mainstream-media outlets including ABC-TV, Businessweek, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, New York Times, Time Magazine, USAToday and The Wall Street Journal.

Erin Lumley
Ingrid Communications

Erin, Co-founder of Ingrid Communications, has more than two decades of consumer, technology and cannabis public relations experience. Erin manages accounts with a results-driven approach and works closely with clients in planning and strategy. Erin graduated from Chico State with a degree in journalism, and was certified in social media by University of San Francisco in 2012.

Linda Rosewood

Linda Rosewood has been an activist perfecting the care and feeding of politicians since the early 1990s and the days of ActUp and Queer Nation. She worked 30 years leading teams of technicians at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she was also a labor union officer. Now retired, she works to build a global marketplace where cannabis medicine is safe, cheap, and abundant.

"Gretel was recommended by a colleague in the cannabis industry. I had been in business for a couple of years but needed to get my accounting and financial statements in order. Gretel gathered all the information and was able to deliver a full set of financial statements where I was able to have a better understanding of how my business was really doing. She is currently working on getting me organized on a monthly basis in order to be able to make informed decisions on the growth of my company. "

Chip Cruz
Owner and CEO, CalCare Group

"And now as a director at an establish cannabis brand, I am so happy to have them in our extended family/team. Amanda and Shabnam effortlessly and patiently guide our team through the madness that is the legal system. There are so many moving parts with small businesses. Working with Amanda and Shabnam has allowed us to refocus our energy on what matters most, building and growing."

Jess Cosca
Creative Director, Auntie Dolores + Treatibles

"When I met Jamie, I had no knowledge of the cannabis industry and frankly without her guidance and support I would not be setting up a commercial grow facility today. Her knowledge of the industry and the professional networking contacts she has are what helped me achieve the confidence I have today. Jamie is my go-to person for anything that is cannabis and marketing related, as I know it’s a safe networking haven that all professionals in this industry should try to become."

Bacco Farms

"When I saw Linda stand up and talk about political organizing at a local cannabis business owners' meeting, I knew that I wanted to know her. She really knew what she was talking about and made solid core points that were easy to understand and immediately apply. "

Sandra Lee

"Heidi Groshelle has been relentless in raising Plus’ profile in the press. She placed us in top tier media including Business Insider, CNBC, Culture Magazine and Forbes. The coverage we earned differentiated our products and the validation helped us close funding. "

Jake Heimark
Founder & CEO, Plus Products

At Kadin Academy our goal is to help pioneering
women (and men) get the education they need
to launch and grow a thriving businesses.

We look forward to helping YOU on your
journey of entrepreneurship in cannabis!


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